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Maple Grove Cemetery offers special ways to remember and honor loved ones


The combination of the natural beauty of our grounds and the ability to personalize on-site tributes for your loved one make Maple Grove an ideal choice for a final resting place.
Bronze Memorials
Bronze Markers

A lasting way to pay tribute to a departed loved one is to memorialize their grave in the Memorial Park and Lakeview sections with a bronze marker.  Our bronze markers are durable and attractively mounted on a foundation.  To personalize the bronze markers a variety of messages, emblems, scrolls, photo engravings, color cameos, foreign characters can be chosen.  Some markers are available with removable bronze vases.


Enduring granite Memorial Benches are positioned throughout the cemetery and provide a resting place for moments to pause and reflect.  The benches can be inscribed with loved ones names or with a fitting tribute. The highly polished top slab of granite is 4 inches thick and measures 48 inches in length.  It stands on two matching granite posts and rest on a concrete foundation.


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You can choose a living marker to memorialize your loved one by donating a tree to the Cemetery, in their name. This can also be a touching tribute to a living person who has played an important role in your life. For more Information, please contact our office.  Our staff will assist in determining the placement of the tree.

Wall of Memories
Wall of Memories

Memorial Granite blocks comprise the Wall of Memories that are the walls of The Center building - interior and exterior. The Memorial Granite blocks can be engraved to be a cenotaph* memorializing the life of a loved one whose remains are elsewhere. Lasting memorialization here will be prominently on display as the community is invited to use The Center for life's celebrations and events.   

Private Customized Mausoleum
 Customized Memorial Options

A family plot may encompass many family members in several graves in which case customized memorial options can be discussed.  Families may want to consider a free standing mausoleum.   If you have something else in mind as a special way to honor your loved one/family please discuss it with Maple Grove Cemetery staff.

Cepotaph & Bronze Niche Markers

Bronze Epitaph Markers

In Lakeview Gardens bronze epitaph markers are permitted on the columbarium niches containing cremated remains.  Also in Lakeview Gardens are bronze cenotaphs* where the name of a person whose remains are elsewhere can be memorialized.


*A cenotaph is an "empty tomb" or a monument placed in honor of a person or group of people whose remains are elsewhere.