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Day of Remembrance - Candlelit Lanterns Victorian Wedding Murder Mystery Dinner Victorian Wedding Dinner Cultural Event  at The Center - Classical Concert Cultural Events at The Center - Concert Victorian Celebration Victorian Depot Tea Cultural Events:  Gum Hearts Art Installation by Hiromi Niizeki
Preserving the stories of the past to bridge to the present 
and enlighten the future



Educational and Historic Events

To celebrate the past with the living, Maple Grove works  closely with the volunteers of The Friends of Maple Grove,  a non-profit, membership organization created to increase public awareness of Maple Grove's historical and cultural resources, as well as appreciation of the Cemetery's park-like ambiance, through exciting activities for the general public.  Throughout the year The Friends of Maple Grove brings to the community educational and historically based events at The Center and on the Cemetery grounds, while respecting the serenity of the environment and the privacy of families. Within the framework of its charitable purposes, the Friends forges stronger ties between Maple Grove Cemetery and the community it serves and sponsors a variety of programs and activities.

All programming by The Friends of Maple Grove has historical connection to the past or highlights the cemetery’s rich flora and fauna. By honoring and celebrating the legacy of those buried here we revere our history, acknowledge contributions to our culture and find inspiration.  Some of the diverse programs are below.  Please visit  the Friends of Maple Grove website to see upcoming programs and consider becoming a member.

Friends of Maple Grove Website



Past and Ongoing Events

  • Annual Day of Remembrance – This yearly gathering at the Lake honors the memory of loved ones in a beautiful shared supportive experience
  • Spirits Alive - Annual event featuring our famous and infamous souls
  • Civil War Re-enactments Celebrating our Civil War veterans with a Civil War Living History Re-enactment with the all Black "Colored Troop"
  • Victorian Events - Revering our Victorian history with Victorian-inspired Teas, Crafts Workshops and other events
  • Concerts - The Center makes a beautiful backdrop for musical treasures with Classical and Jazz Concerts
  • Magic Shows - Delighting audiences in honor of magicians and puzzle makers
  • Science Events -  Engaging the community’s children in Science with summer workshops in robotics and other tech-inspired activities
  • Astronomy
  • Landscape Painting
  • Trunk or Treat at Halloween
  • Murder Mystery Dinners
  • Memorial Day Celebrations  

Maple Grove Cemetery was established by a group of six Brooklyn businessmen in 1875 - late in the movement of rural cemetery development.
In addition to the events sponsored by the Friends of Maple Grove, The Center at Maple Grove Cemetery hosts  a variety of arts and cultural events highlighting the talents of local artists for everyone to enjoy. 
Walking Tour Map
Found within our tranquil sanctuary is a fascinating history of noteworthy individuals interred here.  We welcome you to take a tour among the extraordinary monuments and lush landscaping with the help of our Walking Tour Gude booklet. Developed by the Friends of Maple Grove, this detailed guide, which includes a map of the Victorian Monumental Park section and a detailed list of the interred,  will allow you to discover some of the many incredible life stories from the past. 
Celebrating Life Concert & Art Exhibit Events
2021 Virtual Celebration of Our Annual Day of Remembrance

The 2021 virtual celebration of our Annual Day of Remembrance honored the memory of loved ones in a shared supportive experience despite the limitations of the pandemic.  It allowed all to process grief, mourn  and begin to heal together rather than in isolation.

Gallery of Past Events