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Maple Grove Cemetery offers many options to honor your loved ones


Getting Started

We all wish we could avoid having to arrange a loved one’s funeral -- confronting one of life’s inevitable challenges is never easy.  At Maple Grove Cemetery we do our best to make it less daunting.  Our staff provides a compassionate and caring environment for  bereaved families.  They are knowledgeable, will answer your questions patiently and will assist you in making an unhurried decision about interment arrangements.  If you prefer to understand the options beforehand, you can get started here by learning more about each of the services we provide.  Several factors will determine the best interment option:  the wishes of your loved one, convenience for remaining family members and overall cost. 

Monument Option for Memoralization
Maple Grove offers many options for interment in unique settings, above and below ground:
  • Indoor and Outdoor Niches for Cremated Remains
  • Burial of Cremated Remains
  • Lawn Crypts and Mausoleum Crypts for Caskets
  • In-ground Casket Burial
  • Custom Exceptional Spaces - Mausoleum or Plots
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Memorial Park Memorialization
To remember your loved one in a special way, Maple Grove offers bronze markers, benches,
trees as well as memorial granite blocks at The Center as memorialization options.

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Jazz Concert
Life Celebrations

The Center at Maple Grove is a place of reverence and respect – a place where families may gather for remembrance, inspiration and the celebration of life of your loved one.

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Price Lists
Burial options, memorialization charges, interment fees and office charges are subject to change.  For your convenience please see the current pricing in the language of your choosing. If family members are currently interred at Maple Grove and you require additional burial space, please contact us to make arrangements.
                        • Fees - English 
                        • Fees - Spanish (COMING SOON)
                        • Fees - Chinese (COMING SOON)
Rules and Regulations

We welcome visitors to Maple Grove, either for visiting family and friends interred here or to attend one of our cultural or historical events.  Visitors are reminded that in addition to being a historical site and event venue, these grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead, and that a strict observance of the decorum which should characterize such a place will be required of all. Additionally, we offer this list of rules and regulations as a guide to those choosing Maple Grove Cemetery as a final resting place for loved ones.  RULES →


Maintenance Of Grounds & Facilities

To ensure that Maple Grove Cemetery is a place you'll be proud to select for your loved one and a place you'll enjoy visiting, we provide ongoing maintenance of 65 acres of cemetery grounds and facilities.  We take our stewardship very seriously and do major landscaping, renovations and repairs throughout the year to keep Maple Grove being a historical treasure trove, a horticultural masterpiece and an invaluable community resource.